About Us

The owners:

Mr. Simon Partush

Mr. Simon Partush - holds a broad experience in the agriculture business for nearly 30 years. Bearing in mind his long term vision, Partush specializes in establishing interfaces for cattle businesses from scratch. Partush has been involved in international agriculture projects, from the planning stages all the way to the market, this including Europe, Vietnam, and China.

Simon Partush was the CEO of the biggest feed center in Israel - The Massuot Yithak feed center, which feeds 25,000 animals a day including cows, heifers, beef cattle, sheep, goats, horses and ostriches.


Mr. Amnon Bar Peled

Mr. Amnon Bar Peled - has worked in the agriculture business for nearly 12 years now, with experience and skills in establishing agriculture projects. Moreover, Bar Peled is an economist who accompanies all projects, contributes and assists regarding all financial and cash flow aspects.



Mr. Amir Bloch

Mr. Amir Bloch was grown up in a kibutz farm and has worked in the dairy business for 35 years. He is a nutrition expert and taking care today for 100,000 animals in the world including 30,000 animals in Vietnam. He is in charge of developing our innovative products.


Project bar

Project Bar, an Israeli registered company, was founded by a qualified team of agriculture experts.

In light of the current global economic crisis, the Project Bar Company seeks the colossal financial opportunities of investment in crud commodities in developing countries.

We possess both the know-how knowledge and the experience necessary for the planning and the setting up of enormous worldwide projects.

Utilized with the ability to raise funds, and strong ties with financial establishments around the world, we are confident in driving such procedures of immense financial potential by nature, to great success.

Project Bar is managed by Simon Partush and Amnon Peled who also work side by side with a nutritionist and other experts.