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About Project Bar

Established in 2009 by Mr. Simon Partush and Mr. Amnon Bar Peled, Project Bar Group is a leading project company in the dairy sector, both in Israel and around the world. Project Bar Group is a family run Israeli company that is proud to provide quality products for our local and global clients.

Project Bar Group manages, initiates, and establishes agricultural projects. We have over 30 years of dairy experience, knowledge and practice, specifically in the animal feed sector. Moreover, Project Bar Group specializes in successfully establishing projects in the cattle and dairy sectors.  Projects vary from feed centers to project management in Israel, Vietnam, Romania, Thailand, Russia, China and more.

Project Bar Group’s core values, experience, knowledge, innovation, and technology, permeate our work.  Our extensive and unique management concept provides smarter, more efficient results.   Our knowledgeable staff approaches each project as unique, with respect to budgets, deadlines, and individual goals.

Project Bar Group develops food additives designed to increase the quality of milk, including the percentage of fat and protein, without damaging milk yield or herd health. Simultaneously, Project Bar Group sells raw materials and innovative food additives, source from the best worldwide manufacturers. These food additives raise the overall quality of the milk, the cow’s good health and the dairy farmer’s profits.

Project Bar Group provides comprehensive assistance in cowshed management with their Project Bar 360° program, which included engineering services, construction and more, with dedicated financial and animal feed departments. 

Aqwind Solutions, Project Bar Group company, developed a system that assists with cowshed demands which uses UASB (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) technology. The system has many advantages, including meeting the standard of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.  

Smartfarm, another Project Bar Group company, is a software company that has developed an advanced feed array management system and feed center for cowsheds.

Our fundamental rules




Project Bar Group - Our future

Project Bar Group is a familial and an Israeli company that produces quality products, as well as prides itself with an added value provided to its local and global clients.

Our Departments

counseling and dairy farm counseling

The company is responsible for counseling and managing the dairy farm. combining business strategy with decades of experience and professional transversal knowledge.

Financial Department

Comprised of experts with extensive experience in the economy of dairy farm and agriculture. the economic department is a headquarters unit in the organization that deals with the analysis, presentation and submission of economic and financial information in a way that is available and suitable for decision makers in the organization.

Nutrition Department

This department give's a professional nutrition counseling for dairy farm and advanced feeding methods. The department accompanies projects in Israel and around the world using extensive experience and innovative feeding methods.


Smartfarm is a leading dairy cow software company, and active in several countries in Europe and Asia.

Engineering and project management

Project Bar Group has been specializing in the initiation and construction of projects in Israel and around the world for more than 30 years, with an emphasis on the dairy industry.

Aqwind Solutions

Technological Wastewater Treatment System - UASB 3.0 is an innovative biological working system with emphasis on minimum intervention

Project Bar Additives

Project Bar markets innovative food supplements and raw materials that maximize results while maintaining animal health and well-being.
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