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    About Project Bar

    Project Bar - Consulting and Management Company in the agriculture business.

    Project Bar combines knowledge, expertise and technology.

    Furthermore, we bring years of first hand modern agricultural technology. Therefore, your advantage with us is our understanding and expertise to address and coalesce our client’s specific needs anywhere in the world. We bring the leading technology in the international market required to establish a winning project.

    Project Bar is engaged in venture planning and agronomic support around the globe. We offer our clients an integrated service system.

    We have self-tailored processes merging all the necessary elements for establishing a successful agribusiness in terms of development and operation. In relation to the range and extent of any project, we guarantee to provide you with advanced technology in the international market, top experts and proficiency in services, this throughout all stages, from our initial planning and all the way to the market place.

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      Our Advantages

      Project Bar Group combines management with the dairy farm profession - enabling successful mplementation of complex projects leading the dairy and cattle industry in Israel and around the world. PBG is constantly seeking products, research and technologies for more efficient management and guidance, and for the company's concept of being a leader in the global dairy industry.


      Our Experience and training gained over 30 years in the dairy sector in general and in the field of animal feeding in particular.


      Project Bar Group has knowledge based on research and development, as well as managing and accompanying dozens of cowsheds in Israel and around the world. The company has knowledge management capabilities and real-time insights.


      Project Bar Group specializes in developing practical solutions to fit customers needs, utilizing science innovations. Our technology is Based on a strategy of developing BI systems for barn management.


      The company operates according to a concept of innovation with ongoing learning from dozens of dairy farms, in addition, we are constantly researching the development of products,management policies, and innovative and effective practices.
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