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Sewage treatment with UASB 3.0 technology

Aqwind solutions is a systems aimed to assist with wastewater shed.

This advanced system functions on a biological basis. Moreover, this system was developed specifically to meet with the cowshed’s needs – with minimum intervention of the dairy farmer. In addition, Aqwind solutions minimizes the allocation of the sewage treatment assigned staff.

This system does not require any additional and external materials – in terms of the chemical usage, the ongoing operations as well as evacuating solids out of the system.

Aqwind solutions successfully works due to the configuration of the 2 UASB column reactors – Uflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket.

As a result, the exclusion rate surpasses 90% of the organic material (COD) and the suspended solids (TSS).

This system is completely automatic and stable, and meets the cowshed’s sewage streaming values.

The cowshed stream sewage via one pump – towards the reactors that contain sludge. The sewage treatment takes place through the anaerobic disassembling of the solids and the organic material. By the end of this process, the purified sewage are streamed back to sewerage – with intact values. The by-product of the process is Methane – that heats the cowshed.

This system is modular, simple to operate and highly stable. Furthermore, there is no need to add chemicals, the evacuation of the sludge is carried out automatically and the cost of the operation is low. The system meets the standard of the Ministry of the Environment – and it is installed in dozens of cowsheds in Israel and around the world.




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