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Smart Farm Ltd. Is a world leader in the field of precision dairy feed management, having vast experience, and numerous satisfied customers.

Using our proven methodology and customization, Smart Farm has managed to maintain high-level satisfaction and results amongst our customers.

Our accumulated experience has been a major factor in our professional success and high level of service our customers are accustomed to.

Solution advantages

  • Cloud-based platform
  • Real-time view of your system performance – feed efficiency and more.
  • Compare consumers’ performance
  • Get actionable insights – save money from the get-go.
  • Aggregate information from multiple sources

Solution modules

  • TMS – TMR Management System, a smart, innovative, and world-leading system to manage production, distribution, and warehouse of all your feed needs. TMS is made for dairy farms and large scale feed centers systems’ interfaces with the production HMI to collect Actual production figures and allow management to produce “Planned/Actual” reports in real time
  • SINC – Smart-Farm Insight Center, an innovative Artifical Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Machine learning capabilities, to manage all the data sources your organization has, from Single dairy farms to feed-center to large enterprises. SINC gives you control over your data and professional management teams, SINC has decades of professional know-how implemented to it, so we SINC analyzes the data for optimum results in the dairy farm industries, farm managers get a quick overview and insights on how to improve, corporate managers get a professional overview to understand the performance and how to improve without the need to be expert dairy farmers.

    • Smart-Scale – Integration of wireless smart scales to the weighbridge, helps to control and weight your incomes or outcomes from your inventory without the need to be at the operator room.
    • Sensor – a variety of sensors are available from Smart-Farm for Rumen based temperature boluses to a wireless water meter and many more. We take data and analyze it and provide meaningful insights with SINC.







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