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Protein plus

It is customary to think that the protein component is a difficult component to complete the means available, an expensive low-cost procedure or genetic cultivation is a long-term replacement solution and requires expensive replacement.

Project Bar has developed a unique food supplement that is a real breakthrough, focused on increasing the percentage of protein, which has a high cost-effectiveness with guaranteed viability and economic efficiency.

The protein component in milk is produced by cells in the gut tissue.

In the company’s studies, it has been found that the level of production is influenced by an intelligent combination of metabolic protein with metabolic energy.

On the one hand, the product is expected to raise the microbial protein money generated by the microbial bacteria and improve the quality and in addition to provide target protein bypass.

A product is made up of letter-supporting members that improve the efficiency of the work and the level of acidity.

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High value for milk

Increase in net profit

Easy to digest

No side effects

Natural components - not genetically modified

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