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Introduction about 360

Project Bar Group, established at 2009, provides advanced and comprehensive services. These services include, among others, project management within the cattle and dairy sectors. Moreover, Project Bar Group constructs food centers locally and globally – as the company’s experts construct, conduct and accompany various projects such as feeding centers and cowsheds.

The experts of Project Bar Group include nutritionists, economists, herd’s health specialists and engineers. As a result, you will undoubtedly receive an accurate and suitable service that will meet your needs. Namely, Project Bar Group offers complete and professional services – with 360 vision.

Assisting cowseds:


Project Bar Group provides thorough cowshed management, while incorporating a business strategy. Project Bar Group offers years of experience in this service – as well as professional and broad knowledge.

The company holds a structural advantage in this line of field, as it employs various experts with different types of expertise. Due to the frequent changes in the cowshed sector, Project Bar Group is highly skilled and quick to respond to the ever-changing dynamic market. The company astutely predicts and plans according to forecasts – while simultaneously maximizing efficiency and capabilities.

The cowshed department is responsible for the entire ongoing activity within the cowshed. Throughout the work process, it offers services that are comprised of the following:

  • Supervising the plans and reaching the goals – while analyzing and inferring the financial reports, deriving conclusions and formulating recommendations for this sector.
  • Building a budget, presenting an annual investment plan, creating an annual plan as well as a multi-year plan.
  • Conducting the ongoing commercial connections between the cowshed and its suppliers, the dairy and various external factors.
  • Assisting the manager in the professional aspect – genetic cultivation, breeding carts, extraction of cows, health of the herd, feeding and more.
  • Conducting and monitoring the feeding activity as well as the purchase for the cowshed.


Economic department:


The department includes highly skilled experts in cowshed and agriculture economy. Moreover, the department can characterize problems deriving from the connection between the cowshed and the financial aspect – as well as discover new opportunities. In addition, the department plans the future in several aspects regarding the cowshed – in order to increase profitability.

  • Ongoing assistance – conducting an ongoing connection with the dairy farmers – in order to monitor and analyze the expenses and revenue of the cowshed.
  • Management of the cattle outflow – the department holds an extensive knowledge and experience in assisting cowsheds – while interacting with bank. Furthermore, the department is highly experienced in accounts management, as well as adjusting the cash flow to the cowshed’s economic ability.
  • Food inventory management – because of the high cost of the food yield, a responsible inventory management will prevent many financial mistakes that often take place in the cowshed – and will minimize losses.
  • Creating business plans for investment – a comprehensive business analysis of the investment moves – in order to make the cowshed more efficient or to expand it. In addition, this analysis will present alternatives.
  • Characterization on different levels – the department holds an immense experience preparing economic/ professional works for cowshed. The characterization includes a professional, financial and detailed report that thoroughly examines the interfaces regarding the cowshed – and its ongoing management. This way we achieve current and elaborated situation report; one that will assist us in forming a work plan as well as set goals and measures – for a short-term performance and long haul performance.


Nutrition department:


  • The nutrition department of Project Bar Group provides a professional accompaniment for cowsheds – using advanced feeding methods.
  • The department accompanies projects throughout various geographical and climatic regions around the world (temperature range: from 40 degrees Celsius up to minus 15, as well as humidity percentages that range between 0%-100%). In addition, the department provides diverse foods that meet the cows’ needs throughout these regions.
  • The department specializes in analyzing the herd, as well as building coordinated matrix that meets the cowshed’s needs.
  • The nutritionists within the department specialize in various local foods (by-products) and matching them with the relevant portion. This way, they are able to lower the price of the portion. Moreover, the nutritionists of Project Bar Group know how to integrate these foods without losing the nutritional values of the portion. Furthermore, they able to maintain the balance of the portion.
  • The feeding department provides consultation for purchasing raw materials based upon the fluctuations of their prices, as well as their quality in the world exchange.


Engineering and project management:


Throughout the past 20 years, Project Bar Group specializes in projects’ initiation and management in Israel as well as around the world – with an emphasis on the dairy farming sector. As one of the main aims is to use the investment’s funds properly, Project Bar Group will characterize and study each cowshed separately. This way, the company will be able to maintain an effective and smart management of the project; one that yields high quality product – while meeting the budget and timelines.

Project Bar Group offers varying services within the cowshed’s construction sector. These services include the following:

  • Creating a master plan for the cowshed with an emphasis upon increasing the production capacity – creating an engineering program intended for the growth of the cowshed. This program includes a thorough plan of the future sheds. The program also matches existing constructions in the cowshed with the manufacturing of the additional milk quotas.
  • Creating a business plan for making investments – creating a business plan is the heart and center of the cowshed’s construction work – as well as the proper investment management. The plan includes financial assessments of the following:
  • Creating a budget and making an initial appraisal of the investment’s funds for the project.
  • Presenting an economic work; one that presents the investment in the cowshed construction – and the subsequent calculations of the cowshed’s efficiency.
  • The business plan will also include the project’s feasibility calculations as well as its returns appraisal. This data will be determined by the height of the investment.

Management of the cowsheds’ construction project – Project Bar Group provides project management services that include the following:

    • Plan management – the plan management of the project includes accepting price offers for the engineers’ plan – and incorporating them with the quantity lists received following the plan for the construction auction. In addition, there will be price offers from cowshed’s equipment companies or milking institution – while incorporating them with the project’s planners and contractors. Project Bar Group is obligated to administer the bureaucratic process between the engineers, contractors, investors and cowshed managers.
    • Performance management – close supervision and high-control of the project and contractors. This service also includes timing the entrance of the contractors to work – and managing the ongoing operation of the entire budgets and payments for the contractors and the engineers; the experts that are in charge of the supervision’s plan.
    • Professional consultation intended for construction in cowsheds – Project Bar Group specializes in making investments and examining construction alternatives intended for the cowshed’s growth or efficiency. Project Bar Group also offer consultation for dairy farmers or farm centers; consultation that focuses on investments’ performance and their feasibility, as well as the professional/economic effectiveness.

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