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Project Bar’s Experimental Farm in Europe – the farm owned by the company and it contains 500 dairy cows and another 400 heifers. The farm’s Infrastructure is ready to grow to 1,000 dairy cows. The manager is an Israeli and the herd health and fertility manager also is. The farm operates as a business in an open and competitive market and on a daily basis is aimed at producing maximum milk rather than experiments with the company’s products. The cowshed produces food alone and maintains high quality and controlled by the company’s best nutritionists.

In the cowshed, the Smart farm developments were tested – a food management system that is responsible for food inventory management, retion planning, production planning and control. In addition, the farm is connected to the SINC program, which provides the platform for herd management while considering the food data, milk production, and professional economic parameters in the cowshed. In the cowshed in Romania, Project Bar tests the additives developed by our nutritionist’s, and also the additives that the company imports from international companies.

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