Main Services

Utilized with advanced technology, Project Bar is affianced in planning, management, consultation and marketing for many projects in various areas of agriculture, among them are the dairy sector, crops, poultry and others. We have managed successful projects in many regions around the world including Israel, Europe, Asia, and Africa



The Dairy Sector

High yield of cows is a result of accumulated knowledge hands- on- the- job, know how,and technology means, as well as expertise in the genetic improvement of cattle.

The dairy sector in Israel which is the world’s top class in this field, offers many solutions, drawn from accumulated experience, which can be applied to third-world countries.

Advanced technology is available to make the milking parlor productive and hygienic. And finally, the production and marketing of value-added yogurts and cheese can turn the dairy farmer, and/ or his cooperative, into successful business entrepreneurs.

We can provide a wide scale project that includes full integration of field crops, grain imports, feed centers and dairy farming.

We put forward:

  • The assessment of local markets for dairy products.
  • The planning and implementation of dairy cow business.
  • The upgrading work processes to increase yields.
  • The make use of advanced feeding formulas.



Feed Centers

We offer turn-key projects from the planning stage and setting up of feed centers all the way to the final marketing stages. Using our expertise and technology, we have built feed centers for cattle, cows, heifers, horses and other animals.

Project Bar specializes in developing nutrition formulas for each country based on the available local raw materials.

We put forward:

  • The use of highly developed mix formulas suited for all kinds of animals cattle, cows, heifers and pigs.
  • The company has a registered patent in food preservation that prolongs the use of product up to six months.
  • The fine-tuning of food supply chains to suit local conditions.
  • Management and supervision of the entire food chain supply of animals, suited to the local area and its conditions. The chain starts with the supply of out-field crops, import of grains to the distribution of the complete mixed feed (TMR).
  • We provide advanced high quality mix formulas suited for all kinds of animals cattle, cows, heifers and pigs.

Project Bar specializes in developing nutrition formulas for each country based on the available local raw materials. The company has a registered patent in food preservation that allows use of product up to six month expiry date.



Field Crops

The qualified team of Project Bar Company has engaged in promoting and upgrading economic production in developing countries such as Vietnam. Field crops are grown throughout the world as a central key source for food, for human and animal consumption. With a consistent high demand in the world markets, a grand economic potential is to be found in field corps.

Upgrading and improvement in advanced techniques including best applications are all essential for competing in world markets. In third world countries, higher yield can be gained by means of enhanced production techniques.

We put forward:

  • The planning and the setting up of field cropping programs in developing countries.
  • Fine-tuning of projects to suit local environments.
  • Assessment of the marketing capacity.
  • The employment of advanced technologies that would lead to higher yields even under irrigation conditions.
  • The planning of project funding.




Nowadays poultry projects benefit from economic profit with suitable marketing: eggs and meat. We specialize in feeding egg- laying hens, turkeys and more.

Project Bar has been affianced in venture planning, the setting up and managing of chicken coops in Israel and around the world. Our projects combine modern equipment and innovative technologies. The chicken coops are built by a professional team and skilled experts in the field whilst using local suppliers. In the field of poultry, we specialize in turn-key projects of chicken coops with state-of- the-art technologies and techniques.

We use a special nutrition formula to meet all of animal's needs in different areas around the world. The formula has a long shelf life which also means a considerable cut down in expenses.

We put forward:

  • The assessment of a local market and the marketing method for poultry products.
  • The accountability for a feed supply chain.
  • The planning of a program that would include all stages: from feeding to marketing.
  • The setting up of efficient facilities from chicken coops to slaughter.



Fish Farming

The ongoing water crisis in Israel for the past few years has motivated the development of sophisticated methods for growing fish, this done with the lowest amount of water and land, while still achieving high yields. These methods are base on fish population density, effective quantities of food and oxygen enrichment of the water. Project Bar Company works with leading experts around the world who specialize in innovative technologies in fish farming.

We put forward:

  • The blueprint of a project adjusted to any local conditions of water.
  • The setting up of fish farms with minimum spending of water.




The field of agricultural technology in Israel has developed significantly during the last several decades.

This is the outcome of much effort which is being invested in research in order to attain a higher productivity, as well as improve the quality of agricultural products. The Company, Project Bar, employs the most innovative technology in all its concerned projects, and is taking part in future projects to come.

The field of agriculture , and animals in particular, demands extensive knowledge and a constant strive for improvement.

The Company is continuously looking for the most up-to-date technology in all its categories; dairy farms, greenhouses, field crops, poultry and fish farms.